Preparing your Home for Sale

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When preparing your home for sale, you should do everything possible to show pride of ownership, today’s home buyer is looking for a property that has been taken care of, has been updated, that all mechanical systems are working properly.


As a homeowner if you know there is something broken, something that needs updates, needs to be replaced, needs painting and so on, well guess what that potential home buyer does too. Today’s home buyer has done research months even years before they start the buying process and expect properties to be in pristine condition and or that the sale price reflects the overall condition of the house.


If you are planning on putting your house on the market and want to get the most amount of money in the least amount of time, this is what you should do.


Separate yourself from the House

For many when preparing a home for sale this may be one of the most challenging and arduous things to do, this property will no longer be a HOME it will become a HOUSE a product on a shelf that has to look its best inside and out to attract buyers.


Roof and Gutters Picture of a roof with sign that reads roof and guters

Roofs are considered a big ticket item and will affect the market value of any property.

Therefore, it is important:

  • Roofs with less than two years of life expectancy should be replaced or at least inspected by a reputable certified licensed roofing contractor to ensure the structural integrity of the roof and make sure there is no leakage.
  • It is important that the trim, soffit and fascia be in good condition.
  • That gutters be properly attached and cleaned from debris and downspouts be functional.
  • Make sure that attic area has proper ventilation and no signs of wood rot or mold growth. If mold is found is considered a health hazard and finding must be disclosed to the public or the problem should be re meditated by a licensed professional before the property goes on the market


Another big ticket item that should be taken care of are all foundation problems, such as cracks, water seepage, and all issues  that have  compromised  the stuctual integrity of the property.


If the property is located in a part of the county where the pool may not be open and operating at the time of the sale money in escrow may be held to offset and repair

It is important that all cracks be professionally repaired, liners not be torn, that all plumbing, pumps and filtrations systems be working correctly.

I always suggest having a reputable pool company do the maintenance and provide the seller with a certificate of the condition of the pool. This will save time and headaches on the date of the sale

Repair & Replace


Tool box with tools sign that reads repair and replace

  • Repair or replace leaky pipes as needed both inside and out of the property
  • Check the water pressure
  • Make sure septic systems are working properly and are up to code in your area
  • Make sure that sump pumps are working properly and are up to code in your area
  • Make sure all internal and external drains are working properly
  • Make sure that toilets are properly secured and working properly
  • Replace worn dated bathroom fixtures (This will make your bathroom look updated)
  • Re-caulk sinks, showers, tubs, and where needed
  • Get your sprinkler system checked out
  • Hot water tanks should have proper release valves, and be vented properly to avoid carbon monoxide hazards.
  • HVAC systems should be working correctly if they are older get them inspected by a professional. Old does not always indicate that they have to be replaced many times a toon-up will do the job.

Any other plumbing item not mentioned should also be inspected to make sure they are working properly and up to code for example water wells, pools, hot tubs, water filtration systems, water softening systems, etc.


It is important that all mechanical systems are working correctly and are up to code

  • Main Electrical Panel should be up to code and wired correctly
  • Main electrical lines to the house should not be deteriorated or compromised
  • All electrical systems should be connected properly to avoid any hazard
  • GFI plugs should be installed were needed
  • Property should have carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors according to your area laws and requirements

If specialty systems are offered as part of the sale, they should be working properly. Example smart home systems, surround sound, security systems.

Doors and Windows

I recommend replacing damaged doors and windows, and making sure that they are all working properly.

PaintPicture of a painr roller and sign the reads paint


Nothing gives a greater appearance of a house than fresh paint.
Scrape and paint all chipped trim, windows, siding and railings in the exterior of the house. This will also spruce up the houses curb appeal

Inside it is important to depersonalize a house, and an excellent way to do this is painting with neutral colors and removing old dated wallpaper.


 Curb Appeal

The first thing a potential buyer sees in a property is the curb appeal, and this will invite a potential buyer into a property or make Lawn mower with sign thar reads curb appealthem drive by without stopping.

  • Clean all exterior areas, debris, should remove and sidewalks, driveways, and siding power washed.
  • Grass should be cut and edged
  • Bushes should be trimmed and or replaced, put new mulch in flower beds to make your garden look fresh.
  • Overgrown trees should be trimmed and trees that are dead, of poor condition or may be a risk for the integrity of the property removed. Yes, this may be costly, but a buyer only sees dollar signs and very quickly will account the cost of removal into an offer.
  • Make sure mail box is in good condition.
  • If possible, cracked driveways and entryways should be replaced
  • All exterior furniture and awnings should be cleaned or thrown away if in bad condition

Make your house inviting and welcoming to all potential buyers, buy a new wreath and welcome mat and make sure the house number is visible.

Declutter and Depersonalize

This may be a bit of a challenge more for sellers that are still living in the house while on the market.
photo of boxes and sign that reads declutterBut you have decided to sell and at this point, and you are committed to doing what it takes to make it happen correct?
It is time to give away things that are not needed or no longer have value to you and for family, to pack all collectibles, knickknacks, books, and items that are not used on a daily basis.


As a seller, you may want to consider the use PODS or rent storage units. This is an excellent idea so sellers can remove extra furniture and items that make the house look small or crowded.

Clean out closets, drawers, kitchen cabinets; I know this may be overwhelming but you are selling the property, and it has to be done sooner or later, the sooner, the better and this way buyers can see potential closet and storage space.

This goes for attic and basement areas as well.

  • The next step is to make sure that kitchen counter tops and surfaces are clean and clear.
    Toys and other items neatly put way. Bins and baskets are great storage option
    Closets are neat; clothes are hung and folded nicely, shoes organized.
    Remove all huge and unnecessary furniture that makes space look small

The goal is to make spaces look inviting, and allowing buyers to imagine themselves in that house

Clean and Deodorizecleaning supplies

  • Every inch of the house should be thorough cleaned, many times I have had buyers not want to view a property because it was dirty or smelly.
  • Carpets have to be shampooed and vacuumed often
  • Replace worn rugs , stained and worn carpeting
  • Remove cobwebs
  • baseboard, doors, trim, walls, and windows should be cleaned
  • All grout has to be cleaned and stains removed
  • All light fixtures and ceiling fans cleaned
  • Wax floors
  • Have all curtains, blinds and window covering cleaned
  • Appliances have to be spotless inside and out
  • Polish all mirrors
  • Bathrooms have to immaculate at all time, make sure vanities have no personal items. And clean new towels are on display.
  • All flat surfaces and built-ins have to be cleaned regularly
  • All musty smells have to be removed, as well as pet orders, and any other bad household smell
  • Pet toys and accessories should be put way neatly

The property has to stay immaculate while on the market, first impressions count

It may seem like a lot, but if you have been a proud, responsible homeowner you should not have to worry about anything. The Better your House is presented and maintained the easier it will sell, and will allow your Real Estate Agent to do a better job and accomplish the results you expect.

Some sellers hire a homes inspector to do an inspection before purring their property on the market.
For some, it may be difficult, but the idea is that the property looks almost like nobody lives in it.

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